Five Valentine Gifting Tips 

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Hey guys,

So in a few days it’s going to be the most important day in February – to most but not to me seeing how I am still very single. However, in this season of Love one thing most people look forward to is the exchange of gifts and I’m here to share some quick tips on how to gift your partner something memorable. 

1) Know Your Partner

Everyone  is different. My love isn’t your love, what counts as memorable to me most probably won’t for the next guy. For example, I’m the ‘mushy-gushy’ type, I like the overly sentimental little things. Things that hold memories of my significant other and I. To people like me what counts essentially is you taking time out to think. Some people are simply materialistic, and that’s okay because I am a little bit too *smile*, they like things with price tags that turn heads. I’m certain a few people don’t even bother removing the price tag. Some people are also indifferent, they genuinely don’t think Valentine is a huge deal. Just get them a card or a plastic flower from the bookstore and they are golden.

2) It’s Not Rocket Science  

It’s alot simpler than you can think to get them an awesome Valentine gift. You have to realize that it doesn’t have to be a physical gift and it doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Something as simple as watching the sappy valentine movies, dancing clumsily in your living room or anywhere that it’s just you both, visiting where you met,  or writing clumsy poetry. I would suggest you (If you are a Nigerian guy- seeing how for some odd reason  most Nigerian guys in relationships don’t cook) made something special that morning and serve her a Breakfast in Bed. Just don’t pull the same card you pulled for last year’s Valentine, Christmas, New Year, or even Easter.

3) Something About Your Meeting

Though this is something that works perfectly for the anniversary too, it’s also a great card for Valentine. Take them on a trip back to where you met them, describe in details how you met them, your first thoughts about seeing them. The key here is gentle tension building as well as little exaggerated details something like ‘You were wearing Pink, I know because I remember thinking how well it contrasted with your soft brown eyes that turned golden whisky brown as the sun rays hit them’ meanwhile she had actually been wearing burgundy. But that’s details. If you met online don’t fret, you can just wake up that morning and say something   ‘That day I had just dished Cold pasta in to a plate when I got a beep in my phone, I opened it a message/friend request, when you said ‘Hi’ the first time I had to remind myself that it was my phone and it had to be me you texted, we talked till midnight. And that remained the only time I ate cold pasta without even knowing’.  Lol. Like I said earlier, It’s the little details. It doesn’t have to just be a trip, y

4) Something That Captures Your Essence Both 

The idea is giving something that you can use the line ‘So you can always have a piece of me with you’ in a way that isn’t creepy. Something as simple as locket with both your pictures, something with your initials. My key advice  is something that is unique to your relationship that is like an inside joke.

5) Meet Them At The Point of Their Need

It’s awesome and all to be romantic and everything. But be practical, get them something that they really need. For example,  if I were to be on the receiving end getting me a camera would probably the best thing ever. Lol. But really, get them something they really need, maybe it has been on their wishlist for long. Maybe it’s something they have been mentioning off and on. My tip here is getting them something that will last a while if possible years, and something that they will use everyday. It could be a watch or a belt but the truth is the value depends on the people involved.

So there you go!! I hope you had fun reading this and that you learned a few tips and tricks on how to ace your Valentine gifting!! The ultimate tip is to gift from your heart and that the intention matters more the money involved. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down  below!! What is your go-to Valentine Gift? And feel free to use me to learn If your Valentine gifting skills have been perfected. 

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12 Replies to “Five Valentine Gifting Tips ”

  1. Seeing as I’m single and will probably be listening to love myself by Hailee Seinfeld all day Valentine’s Day, I’ll probably use this tips to gift myself.


  2. Aww, I think the lines up there in No 3 are really cute. I think I’m the least materialistic person I know when it comes to stuff like this. I’d rather just spend the whole day chilling while the supposed val cooks. Lol. No 4 is everything too. Acts of service like that😍😍. I still don’t get the fuss around the whole 14th tbh. God help me. 😂


    1. ☺… Thank you Ola!! I’m materialistic..just a bit a. Little bit….i think that scenario is very homely and pretty love filled too, like the perfect way to. Spend val. Lol, it’ means different to different people, to single peeps it’s time to remember they are single for some it’s time to get new phones etc for some it’s time to celebrate love. Don’t worry you’ll get the bug soon


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