Currently I Am #2

Currently  Listening to Beyonce-Pretty Hurts

Hey guys,

I hope you didn’t think that the Currently I Am series was over!!  I just didn’t want to start the month that way because well, I wasn’t really giving good vibes at the end of last month and I need something positive to start the month with hence my Five Things I Am Currently Loving post. Anyways,let’s take stock.

Feeling – Positive that this month and this year are really for me, so many good things happening and coming my way and I feel so grateful and I thank the Lord for all the amazing things and people.

Irritated– By the stock Nigerian mentality. Where do I even start from?  The country is in upheaval and one of our very own decided to make a stand and guess what.  The people actually went  against him. Not even that alone, I really hate how Nigerians can’t seem to mind their own business, someone else’s life becomes their midnight tales everyday and it’s just sickening. Because it’s bad enough that you have decided to be a gossip, but do you have to rub it in my face?? 

Knowing – That the word of Mouth is the best means of advertising and yet I find it hard to tell people ‘ I have a blog, do check It out.’ Whenever someone comes up to me to ask about my bag I just freeze. And I know I shouldn’t.

Loving– My new mentality. For a long while, I used to be scared of so many things like what people thought, what the future holds etc but now I’m more inclined to chill, do my best and enjoy the journey.

Craving – Rice, beans and stew. I had this for breakfast and lunch yesterday but the craving is still so much.

Wondering – If I will be walking to this Uniport for the next four and a half years? I really need to get school accommodation because this trekking life won’t cut it. Plus it’s hard dealing with school issues and still going home to deal with home issues.

Excited – For the shoot I have in two days time, and hoping you guys and I  love the outcome. *fingers crossed * 

Listening– To alot more new music than usual, I normally stick to my safe and tried oldies and musical songs *coughs Glee coughs* but lately I have been loving Jojo, Jon Bellion and Troye Sivan. And that one Jonas Blue song.

Angry – that people have so much innate negativity to throw to other people. And they will be wondering why their life isn’t going anywhere. I have been more observant on social media and I am in awe at how many people really have nothing better to do with their time than throw negativity at their fellow human beings. I Mean If you hate them, unfollow them, stop talking about them and forget them. It’s their lives not yours you don’t have a saying how they live it.

Admiringwas admiring my painted nails, but I thought I could do better and then I wiped It off and now well, it’s not as awesome as the first time.

Anticipating – The shoot. I really hope it all goes well.

WishingEverything works out well for myself,  my family, friends and the country as well. And that the lecturer in this class will actually talk out loud or cut the class short.

Wearing – A stripped polo, jeans and leather slippers because I can’t be bothered.

Regretting-Partly regretting choosing the white theme for my instagram because one it’s the popular choice and finding a good enough location is slightly hard because well, Uniport is colourful but I will survive. 

WantingTo be better, to do better for the people I love and for myself. And also wanting free food today *don’t blame me*

Determined- To shave as soon as possible. My scruff is the most annoying, how will be shaving every other day. In this recession? But what will I do? 

Reading- Nothing. Absolutely nothing, I really need to get a book and read.
So that’s a peek into my life at the moment, I just really want to make this month count and to do even more and be more. I know I kinda sound like I’ve been reading all these self-help books but nah I haven’t. I just really want good things to happen and the only for that to happen is to make it happen.

What are you feeling lately?  Let me know your thoughts and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


16 Replies to “Currently I Am #2”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Two things: Feel free to change your IG theme if it’s is difficult for you. It’s okay to experiment, we aren’t supposed to get it right the first or second or third or even the fourth time, we just keep growing. If you are looking for a good book to read (maybe a thriller/mystery), I am doing a blog post on Friday about a killer book. So check it out.


  2. I never knew the white themed Instagram was a thing , but it seems restrictive. Life is full of color in itself .

    I actually like the currently I am post. Seems down to earth and relatable on so many levels.

    I think you’d be fine at the end of the day ….

    Kene’ |


    1. Yeah it’s a thing now, and I feel you on it being restrictive until now. I’m just now starting to understand how colourful life is. Thank you man, I hope so too. Thanks for reading I really appreciate


  3. Media etc. But that’s not even my problem. I just want everything and everyone to be touched by love or at least the MYB syndrome. Is that too much to ask?


    1. My dear you are not more tired than I am ooooz I just tire. Let’s hope it just gets better. I really should it will lessen the stress at least let me focus on school and blogging alone. Thanks for reading always dear


  4. Lol at the painted nails, its not something we see guys rocking everyday. I feel this year will be great too and I’m holding on to that, God will show his sovereignty more then ever before. Looking forward to the shoot and as for your Instagram feed, don’t take it too serious. Still struggling with mine but I think what matters I having some form of good organization. So play around, explore your options and as others have said, its not too late to change it.

    Princess Audu 


    1. Hahaha let’s say I’m the odd man out lol. I hope it reaches our expectations. I know God is definitely going to be more than liberal In his blessings to us both this year!! The shoot actually fell through *sad face* really? But your IG feed is pretty awesome. But I’m glad to know am not the only one
      Thanks for the advice I’ll try to implement it . Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! I really appreciate it!!!!


    1. There is so. Much hate my dear sister ooo…its surprising!!!I will but my dear school and life!! Like right now, I’m still In school. And Its past seven. I need to. Move to school asap because I can’t handle this stress anymore. Like at all at all. Thanks for the well wishes dear!! And for reading as usual!!!


  5. Oh my gohd, me too, I just don’t know how to tell people I have a blog. And the white themed IG feeds is cool but I wouldn’t opt for it…i have commitment issues😩
    I absolutely enjoyed reading this post.. Lol at the shaving part😂


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