Product Review || Face To Face Facial Peel Off Mask

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                  Hey guys,

Who else is super glad it’s the weekend? Not the singer The Weekend but the super special few days at the end of the week where you get to chill and detox all the previous week’s stress. I’m just glad this past week wasn’t quite stressful, maybe I’m adapting, but I’m still glad that it’s the weekend so I can’t take out a few minutes (or hours) to do one of my favorite things in the world. Skincare.

Quick question – Do you have a favorite facial peel off mask?  No?  Yes?  Tell me in the comments down below. As for me,  I do. It’s the Face to Face Facial Peel off mask.

So sometime mid-last year, I was in the super store with my mum and my younger sister I was scanning through the cosmetics section of the store, my second favorite section after the snacks section (I’m not the only guy in this right)  and then I found the peel off mask- That day’s own was a papaya flavored one, my mum dragged me off because she knows left alone I will buy the whole cosmetic section. Anyways, a few days later I suggested it for my mum when she was prepping for Sunday service (Got to glow right?) and I grabbed the cucumber flavored one and ever since then I’ve been hooked. And let me tell you why.

The Product 

My facial face peel off mask is Face to Face Facial Peel Off Mask, it’s Cucumber Flavored and I think it’s the mini sized (I have seen a bigger sized one but I haven’t seen any smaller one).


It’s about The same price as my exfoliant (check out that review here), about 350-450. I got mine for Four Hundred Naira, and I think that’s quite cheap considering how long lasting and how well it works.

How Long It Lasts 

I’m a ‘power-user’ but I can say it lasts very long, about several months and it can definitely go even longer, so it’s perfect for the student budget that doesn’t want to buying it every other week.


Quite simple, squirt some into your hand and quickly massage on your face (be quick to do that) it dries off after a few seconds. I leave mine for about five to eight minutes and then peel off the dry flaky ‘skin’ on your face. You can also wash it off with water, or just shower.


The moment you peel off the dry ‘skin’ you immediately feel your skin tighten up, it also has a pretty smooth afterfeel too. I love that dramatic after-effect, so it’s pretty good for those of us that are impatient.
In general, I’ll give it a seven over ten. 
Have you ever used this product?  Any other Facial Peel Off Mask ? Let me know your thoughts!!!


16 Replies to “Product Review || Face To Face Facial Peel Off Mask”

  1. I have used it before but I didn’t again not because I didn’t like it, I just suck at sticking to facial Skincare. I do take my skin for granted but it was cool, I love to play around with the peel off effect so I think I abused the useage a bit.


    1. I love the peel off effect!!! I abused it a bit but not too much sha. Try something different? All of you that have good skin na!! Why won’t you people take it different lol ..thanks for reading dear!!


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