Five Things I Am Currently Loving 

Currently Listening to  Bruno Mars – The Way You Are (My Neighbor’s housegirl is playing it while washing their car) 

Hey guys!!!  It’s been a week since my last post, who missed me?  School and life sorta took over everything from me and I honestly let them. Waking up early isn’t one of my many talents neither is surviving on barely four hours of sleep on most days. As I write this, I am making breakfast and getting ready for school. Oh the life!!!

I can’t believe January is gone. That was fast. Like very fast, at least to me. And already we are here in February. The month of free data plans. Lol. Nah, it’s the month of Love, somebody blow the trumpet!!! I decided to start this month of love with some of the things that currently have my heart.

1) The Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Oh can I just say another thank you to Cassie Daves for gifting the planner to me. It’s just amazing holding something you’ve been crushing on for very long, especially when it lived to your expectations of it. This month’s quote is probably my favorite in the planner. 

Do you. That thing you go to bed thinking about, do it. And do It now. You have to start first, and then figure the rest out along the way.  You’ll be afraid, and you’ll be doubtful,  but do it anyway.

-Vera Ezimora

2) Zoto App

Zoto is an app that makes recharging your phone so much easier. And for someone like me that is always on the go and always browsing, it definitely saves me the stress of buying Recharge cards, especially these days with alot of invalid recharge cards. And it prevents me from dealing with the people that sell the cards because their manners typically leave much to be desired.  The best part of the app has to be the fact that you get a free one thousand Zoto cash, that can be turned to one thousand Naira phone credit for any network if you download the app from play store, use my referral code  DESMOV1 and then buy 50 Naira credit. It is literally that easy. 

3) My Tote Bag 

Another amazing thing that happened to me this month was getting my tote bag from King & Steven. The tote has been on my wishlist for so long, so getting it in my hands was definitely a dream come true and I am just so happy about it. The day I took it to school, alot of my classmates were sorta jealous and curious. Some of them were asking about the bag, some were asking about my house in Banana Island (Nigerian bloggers get the reference) and a few wanted to get on the blogging train because they thought that meant freebies. Oh if only they knew. I really wanted to explain but crowds make my awkward stuttering worse so I decided to not even bother. A few of them downloaded the WordPress App and are probably waiting for their own freebies. Lol.

But you can order your tote and get any inscription done through their (Kand S Tote Bags) instagram Here.

4) Plantains 

I can’t remember ever eating plantains this much in a month. My new ‘friends’ eat alot of roasted plantains, and I of course eat with them. Hehehe. Part of our friendship is because of those roasted plantains, and the fish and the drinks. Lol. Other than that, I also eat alot of fried plantains at home, in fact that was breakfast this morning!!!

5) Instastories

Recently, I deleted all my instagram pictures for a more cohesive feed. And I haven’t been in the mood to start posting pictures until I get done finalizing my collaboration with a photographer and get good pictures. Until then I have been having fun on my instastories. It’s honestly like talking to a friend (Lately,  I have been indifferent towards talking to people and connecting with people). Follow me on Instagram, and watch my instastories and wonder what is wrong with me!! 

P. S I am really considering YouTube, but…..

So here a few things that currently have my heart. How about you guys?  Feel free to use the sharing buttons down below and drop your thoughts down below. 



16 Replies to “Five Things I Am Currently Loving ”

  1. Yell me about it. I haven’t been chatting on whatsapp for a while because school has got me on a roll and I need my head to get it’s shut together but instastory and twitter just have their bonds to tight to me. And you really should post on your feed even if it’s flatlays with the important hashtags. Happy New month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea they do and I’m really really loving it!!! Lols. Thanks, I really hope to make it pop. Instastories are my favorite things ATM, they really help me let out my frustrations. Thanks you so much for reading and commenting!!!! Hope to see you again!!!!


  2. I think January routine for me was work, whatsapp, Instagram pop in and post maybe, eat when my tummy rumbles and sleep. Besides January took forever to be over, happy new month 💃🏼💃🏼


    1. I didn’t even have time for instagram and whatsapp!!! For me January was fast. Like, one minute it was 1st and next minute February. I don’t understand why you people are saying it was slow!! Thanks for reading and commenting dear!!


    1. If only they knew indeed, the work we put in and then the occasional disappointments. Wow, I guess I’m one of the few that felt January was fast sha. Instastories has got to be the best upgrade ever!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading dear


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