A Simple Hack To Getting Your Hair Fluffy 

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First of, have I told you guys thank you lately?  If I haven’t then, thank you. Really, I appreciate each and everyone of you that takes out the time to read my blog, leave comments, follow and go on to even follow me on my social media platforms (Instagram/Twitter) and even go on to tell me how much you love my blog. Gracias. Really. 

Secondly, this post should have been up a while ago considering I actually did this on the first of January. But still better late than never. Now to the post , I have always had a very very curly kind of hair. Like, my hair is so curly that sometimes I imagine the stress of combing it that I just wear a baseball cap instead. Shout out to all of them caps. Lol. However, ever since I started using hair relaxers it helped. The problem with hair relaxers, they make my hair look… Fake? The only good thing is that my hair recovers after a few days, so I can risk it. 

Then I found a way to go about it that loosens my hair but doesn’t take away it’s natural awesomeness!!! Yes,  I’m very vain. So I’m going to walk you through it. 

1) Get a Hair Relaxer that works for you. This would require some experimenting, so just grab any ol’ hair relaxer that you have heard good things about. 

2) Take half the amount you normally use for your hair. I’m assuming you use relaxers already, but if you haven’t, make use of half of what you would consider for a proper hair relaxing. 

3) Administer it to your hair. Instead of using the comb’s teeth to comb through it. Use the handle to loosen the curls. This way your curls loosen up without becoming overly straight.

4) Leave it for half or three quarter of your normal time. Then wash it. And voila, ‘half relaxed’ hair. Lol.

Extra Tip – Sleep with coconut oil or olive oil in your hair. Gives mine an awesome sheen. 

And there goes my very mini-‘tutorial’. Hope it was helpful to someone. 

P. S This is based purely on my experience, and could vary from person to person. 
I’ld love to know your thoughts on this. Any guy in the house with curly hair? Leave me your comments!!! 



10 Replies to “A Simple Hack To Getting Your Hair Fluffy ”

  1. This actually works. Used to do this to my hair a long time ago till I discovered relaxing the hair isn’t all good for it. Shampooing and deep conditioning works fine as well.



  2. Lol your vain!!! I agree with Collins on the relaxer aspect, maybe it’s cause I carry my natural hair but deep conditioning goes a long way with effect as compared to the relaxers.


  3. If you are not a big fan of relaxers why not try texturizers. They are less harsh but at the same time loosen your curls. But I am a NATURALISTA tho and I want everyone to get on that train 😁


    1. Lols, while you are correct. Not a lot of people (guys) know about texturizers and deep conditioning and all. For then it’s just relaxer, that’s why I wanted to do this hack. Lol, #teamgonatural!!! Thanks for reading girl!!!


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