New In || My KS Tote

                      Hey Guys!!!! 

Raise your hand If you love getting new things.*My hand is up even before any of yours lol * So do you guys remember when I posted my Christmas Wishlist? Guess what I just got another thing checked off my list Whoop whoop. 

Today while I was in class wishing the lecturer would be a bit more interesting or the girl seated in between my legs would go away and stop using my snapchat and going through my phone. Don’t even ask. I got a call and used the opportunity to take my phone from her,  then I got a text to come to the post office to take my package. I was super excited , because I knew the only package I was expecting was my Tote bag from K and S.

After a torturous hour of the boring lecture, I left school to the ATM because I needed to take some money and then went to another campus- I take lectures in Abuja Campus, the post office was in Choba campus. I honestly didn’t know there was a post office In my Uni. 

I eventually went there and the process to get the Tote was honestly very very stressless. Like really.

Once I got home, I ripped the package wrapper and I found the perfection. Lol. My mum loves it. She says she will be borrowing it from time to time. *Side eye*  The texture is so awesome and also strong so I won’t have to worry about it getting torn when I start filling it with my stuff. And the Camo design is very eye-catching and maybe it will get my crush’s attention tomorrow. Big grin. 

N. B I neither chose the design nor the inscription, but it works right? 

I was honestly worried my mother would say it’s feminine but she loves it so much. And she was probably more ecstatic than I was about it. Lol.

 I only wished their  delivery was better because at some point my mother was convinced it was hoax. LMAO. And I was hoping for the kind of delivery I got for my Cassie Daves Blog Planner, but no such luck seeing how it took about two weeks to get it. And I was honestly getting pissed with how slow it was and when they said I should go to the Post office i was confused because the only Post Office I know is in Moscow Road, Old Port Harcourt which to me is another city.  Though from what I gather the bag was supposed to be delivered two weeks bag and the terrible Nigerian Postal Service is to blame. 

But the tote was most definitely worth it. I  can’t wait to style it. I’m just really grateful for how amazing my month is going and it’s even getting better.

Who else loves getting packages?  I really hope to get some more very soon because the feeling rocks!  Have you ever gotten any package that made your day? What do you think about the tote?  And totes in general? 

You can order for yours from their instagram @Kstotebags. And follow me  @quirksandoutfits.


29 Replies to “New In || My KS Tote”

  1. I am next on line after your mum🙇🏽‍♀️. I love everything about it, the camo, the bold inscription of “style blogger” totally awesome. I think it’s high time I own a tote bag.


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