Five Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing Despite The Sun 

First off I wanna complain about how hot the Sun in my uni is!!!  Its like the moment I walk into the Uni, I just get welcomed into an entirely different dimension WI 4th five suns!!! Okay okay, I’m being a tad dramatic. Just a tad. The sun in Uniport is really on par with the sun in Benin Republic. And yes, the sun is one of the things I don’t miss about Benin Republic.

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Anyways, being the skin-care enthusiast that I am I decide to share my top five tips to keep your skin glowing no matter how hot the Sun is. Snaps Fingers.

1) Always Be Hydrated-

People tend to forget how important this is!!!  Drink alot of water. Alot. I personally imagine I’m a vampire drinking lots of human blood whenever I’m drinking water for the sake of being hydrated and not because I’m thirsty.I drink at least two litres of water a day, because I don’t wanna see any parched skin on my body. No sirree. Here is my formular, half a litre when I wake. Half a litre when I get back home and half a litre before I sleep. Plenty of water during meals takes care of the remaining half.  And the best part about drinking lots of water is that there is never an overdose. 

2) Sun-Screen

I really get sad when I realise I can’t buy all the things I want. And good sunscreen Is one of them. For one, you hardly find good sunscreen around except you go the mall. And when you do it’s usually around six thousand to seven thousand Naira. But still, if you can find any around you for cheaper price, or you can afford it then go for it. My favorite is the Neutrogena Sun-Screen. It’s very effective and it’s Spf- Spectrum 30. The minimum spf is 15 but I advise a 25.

3) Exfoliate and Tone At Night 

These are the two most important part about my skin care routine. 

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Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and cures sun damage and toning helps blend dark skin patches. And the perfect time for this is night. Nighttime skin care is probably three times as effective as day time skin care routine and heals any damage done to your skin during the day. 

4) Sunshades 

I always have three glasses in my bag. One is my medicated glasses for reading and even walking. Lol. The second one is clear but I love it because of the frames. And the third is a pair of sunshades because the sun causes terrible eye bags. Trust me, it’s an essential. Not just for fashion but for practicality. You don’t want To be that kid that always has dark eye bags. 

5) Avoid The Sun 

Duh!!  So we all know how Jennifer Lopez’s skin is totally skin goals? She once said one of her greatest skin care tips has to be ‘Avoid The Sun ‘ which her Make Up artist has been telling her for years!  Now I know that those of us living in the tropics have a hard time avoiding the sun. But we have to do our best. Deliberately try to avoid the sun. Especially from around 11 to 3pm. That’s when the sun is at its worst. If you have to go out then, use sun screen. 
I hope you guys found these tips helpful!!  If you did please use the sharing buttons and leave me your thoughts on what works/worked best for you!!!

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5 Replies to “Five Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing Despite The Sun ”

  1. Mehn! Avoiding the sun doesnt seem feasible, especially in Nigeria. Nowadays, you look strange with an umbrella above your head when the rain isnt falling. But I’m sure with the other tips you’ve shared, the sun wouldnt have too much effect on the skin. Thanks for sharing.


    1. My dear, if you look strange with the umbrella. Imagine how better you will look if you avoid the sun? Wink. But there are other ways, stay indoor and when you are outside don’t always walk under the sun during those specific hours that it’s at it worst. Glad you went away with something. Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

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