Review || The Cassie Daves Blog Planner 2017

Hey guys. First of all I want to apologize for being a little bit MIA these past couple of days since my last post (If you missed it,  you can read it here) but school has me so busy and stressed and a bit far away from the beauty that is the internet. As such commenting on other blogs, keeping up with social media and everything has taking a back bench in my life but that is all about to change because I have In my life a new amazing tool to keep me focused on blogging and still have enough time for every other thing.

Side Note- Today is Saturday but am In class learning one of those annoying Math Courses. Sighs. Am not that bad a student but it’s either now or never so I have to write this post. 

I have some good news for you guys. Do you remember when I wrote here that on the top of my Christmas wishlist was the Cassie Daves Blog Planner.  Guess what!!  I got it. Actually, I won it in the Cassie Daves  Christmas giveaway!!!  Dreams do come true!!!! Lols. After obsessively staring at the planner, I decided to do a review for you guys. So sit back and enjoy.

The Blog Planner 

The Cassie Daves Blog Planner 2017 is the brainchild of one of my favorite people on the planet, fellow blogger Cassie Daves. It’s a tool created with the intention to ease the stress of planning and creating content with ease. The planner has been created In a way that makes all your ideas and plans accessible in one glance or flick of your hand. 


First of all, the delivery service for the Blog Planner is just the bomb. Honestly, I have never been on the receiving end of such amazing delivery service.  Okay, prior to this I have never been on the receiving end of any delivery. But I have friends that have literally dragged their hair out because of terrible delivery. I am currently facing that on the delivery of my other ‘thing’. Cassie direct messaged me on Instagram (I think the cool kids call this DMing but I’m so not a cool kid *grin*) that she had just sent it off the delivery service on Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I had the delivery man in my gate!!!  Whilst I still have a package that was sent the week before and I still haven’t gotten it. 

The Design And Content 

I personally love the original hard cover black and white design of the Blog Planner. I think it’s the bomb, but you can also get it in other designs like so. 

The blog planner’s front cover is the perfect prop for a flatlay *lols* and it opens to a motivating ‘2017 Let’s Do This’


The next page is where you get to claim your Planner and make it yours. Put your name and your website. I have been keeping off doing this till after this review, trust me my handwriting will probably have you running down the hill.

The Manifesto page is probably my favorite page, I love how I can finally define my blog in words. This way I can always come back and ask my self ‘Are you still being true to yourself? ‘ and if I ever want to change my blog’s direction I have to come back to the planner, think it out and then decide.

What Planner doesn’t have a calendar? 

The planner also has a daily blog checklist.  Things every blogger needs to do sometime in the day. Preferably first thing in the morning. I think you should do it, once you wake up and when you are about to go to bed. And they are all very key things to do as a blog like check your email,  respond to comments, comment on at least five blogs etc trust me when I say, you shouldn’t underestimate these. A few weeks ago-three weeks now I think. I got an email that I have been waiting for, but because I didn’t check my mailbox for two days I replied a tad too late for my liking.

It also has a social media strategy that should get your posts the most exposure. I’ll be honest, am still getting a hand on this social media thing.  And I have to do more than just post the picture and say ‘New Post,  link in  bio’ on Instagram. So this is also very important to me. 

Each month has a quote from an Amazing blogger. January’s quote is Cassie’s.

And then the blog post idea page. Just let your creativity flow. Fill these pages with your unique and creative ideas.

At the end of every month, you get to sit down and review your blog goals for the months and calculate your expenses and earnings (Can’t wait for this part). Check your monthly stats, measure  your growth, see what’s working and what’s not. 

And then you have a list of 99 Blog Post ideas for those days that you have a mean case of writer block  and for even when you don’t!! I’m considering doing that Blogger Bloopers Post, just because she dared me. Lol. And there’s also a list helpful blog tools and apps.  A few I knew of and others that I have to download and start using ASAP. 
There are other pages in the Blog Planner like

The Looks to Shoot and Brand Collaborations as well as a To-Do List and an Editorial  Calendar. But the ones I went elaborate on are my personal favorites from the Planner. 

Final Thoughts 

I love the idea of the Planner, and I was particularly convinced that I would get the 2017 Blog Planner because it’s everything and more that a blogger could need. Getting it for free was just a dream come true. 

It’s amazing, because it’s an offline tool and can be carried to just about anywhere and used anytime creativity strikes without you loosing your ideas because you couldn’t document it.  I also love the fact that whenever I set it before me, all my creative senses start tingling. Plus, it’s the perfect flatlay tool. I’ve said this  before. Lol.

If you are a blogger or a content creator and you haven’t gotten yours, you can do so by hoping over to her blog,or following the Blog Planner’s Instagram account here or email her ( 

P. S Thank you guys for still reading and commenting even when I was offline, you guys had me smiling because my stats was still growing despite not doing anything. Thank you so much for reading and sharing and commenting and subscribing. Please keep doing this) 

P. P. S Who else experienced any bad luck yesterday?  In case you don’t know yesterday was Friday the 13th. An auspicious day and I’m superstitious. Lol.

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19 Replies to “Review || The Cassie Daves Blog Planner 2017”

  1. When Cassie announced the giveaway, I was so sure I was going to enter for it. I even already had my Instagram caption in my head but then I chickened out for some reason I can’t even remember. I’m definitely regretting it. Lol.
    You sure know how to review oh. See me thinking and staring at my screen. I also enjoyed reading this. Really a great review because I kind of already forgot about getting it and now you’ve reminded me. Ugh. Have fun in school.


    1. Lols. Why did you chicken out? But thank God you did maybe you would have won and I wouldn’t . Lol JK . You should really get a planner, trust me when I say it’s important. And there’s something about feeling it In your hand!!! Lol. Thanks really glad you enjoyed reading it!!! ,


  2. Boyyyy, this giveaway thing is not my thing ooo, ain’t just lucky with giveaways, that’s why I don’t even bother to check enter one.
    About the blog planner now,
    Initially, I thought its was like a note pad where I draft everything that comes to my mind, I was surprised to meet just 3pages for posts ideas/notes.
    Number 2, that to-do list, am not understanding, it’s like waste of sheets to me, abi please can you tell me what you do with your own to-do list?, should I be writing, publish a post or what??.
    Number 3: The blog post calendar, what are they using it for? (I think there should be a how-to-use included in the package).
    Number 4: I have no problem with looks to shoot, blog partnership and guest post section.
    I think this planner is best for fashion bloggers.

    BTW, how do you track your blog stats monthly, because I tried downloading google analytics, the app is just downloading and downloading over and over again.

    Sorry for my long comment.


    1. Lol…hey girl. No problem about long question, that’s what am here for!! Actually, the blog planner isn’t just about writing your posts out. The way I see it Cassie knows most people don’t write out their post out before typing it out In their phone/laptop. Maybe some exceptions sha. It’s for things like listing out your posts, make note like If you are blogging about something like Race, you can make a note about researching historical dates and stuff. The to-do list, for me I use to write out things I would love to do that month, currently I use mine to write out things like I have to contact this photographer, or buy something that I should use for a km outfit post. Maybe even something to borrow or buy. Lol.
      The blog post calendar is to plan your posts for the month in a way that if you have different categories you can diversify your content and prevent your from posting similar things too close together.
      It’s comprehensive so that any blogging niche can use it. And you never know you can partner with any Brand anytime soon!!! Plus you can write out any brand you want to partner with and help you come up with a concrete plan. Lols. It’s not for fashion bloggers trust me, you can just turn it to optimize your blogging!!!
      And as for Google Analytics, I use the app oh. I just go to stats, tap the time thingy and use ‘Months’ are you using the app? Or a laptop? If you still have any problem just tell me!!! Glad to help!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Osheyyyyy baddest *in Bobrisky voice*
        I really love the way u explained it, cassie should have just explained it, because her post about the planner doesn’t really do justice to it.
        Some of us, like me, we be old school oooo, paper and pen ni, except if am posting a random post like in my category ‘thoughts after dusk’, pen and paper all the way.

        Concerning the Google stuff, my laptop is bad (for about 8months now), and I never get money to dey repair laptop now, so I use my huawei media tab, for everything, tried downloading the google analytics app, but when it’s done downloading, it resume downloading, in other words, it doesn’t download, I don’t know what other app to use to track my stats ooo.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s actually an android version 4.4.2…
        I have the wordpress app already, the thing just use to misbehave noni…(and the stats doesn’t give a monthly report of stats, it just jam-pack everything together 😟, that why I want to try the google analytics app for more tracking)
        I think I just need to update the phone emui abi whatever it’s called.
        Thank you for taking time to answer me.


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