Five Things I Miss About Benin Republic 

So like I have mentioned before to you guys, I was a student at Benin Republic for a year but due to some reasons which I’ll probably tell you guys later (it’s a Probability). I was a bit depressed when I had to come back to Nigeria and restart my education but I have fully recovered though I must admit I still have a few things that I just miss from Benin Republic that I decided to share with you guys.

1) Steady Power Supply 

First on my list has to be the steady Power supply . When I first went to Benin Republic, I spend three months straight and there was no ‘blinking’ of power. None whatsoever. There was a power outage when they were doing some sorta maintenance though and even after that there were a couple but there was always power and my phone never died. When I came back to Nigeria for my first holiday, I was praying that there would be power. But lo and behold on that first night PHCN proved how terrible they could be. Sighs. Though, they are actually becoming better nowadays. 

2) Spaghetti.

If you know me personally, then you know that spaghetti is really high up on my list of favorite things in existence. It’s one of those things that you can make any how and I will enjoy. And the Beninesse have an amazing way of making spaghetti. With slices of beef, spicy sauce and egg. Trust me, I am salivating already, it was one of my favorite things back then. And they had baguettes to go with it. 

Picture Credit- Cassie Daves Blog

Funny things those baguettes, they are dry and strong and can be used to give someone a good smacking but trust me, if you Ate them with the pasta (something I will never do at home)  you will just have an odd addiction.

3) Not Having To Walk Around School. 

Nigerian schools are large. Like I mentioned here, I spent a whole day just looking for my lecture hall. And that was In just one campus. But my uni in Benin is small enough that I could walk round it without even breaking a sweat!!!  Though this was one of the things I hated about it, somedays I Miss it. 

4) Picture Perfect Night Life. 

I must say this, If you take a picture of Benim Republic at Night (With a dope camera)  it sorta looks like you were in somewhere like America. Maybe it’s because of there’s always power and the street lights are always lit. So if you were Snapchatting it, you could easily write ‘The Big Apple’!!  Lols. (Poser)

5) The Beaches 

First of all, you should know I have never been to a beach prior to when I went to Benin Republic to it was amazing moment for me to see a beach and it was even more special because it was on my sixteenth birthday!!!!  It was awesome, and the beach remains my favorite thing/experience during my time in Benin Republic. Nothing beats the sea air against your face or the sand or the waves. Nothing whatsoever. 

While I do miss somethings about Benin Republic, I have even more I don’t miss. And yes, this post was inspired by Cassie’s post (Check her out), and I was going to write out things I don’t  Miss but I felt like being positive.

P. S How was your Monday?  Hectic? Cool?  Slow? Mine was great and I have a feeling tomorrow will be even better.  

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16 Replies to “Five Things I Miss About Benin Republic ”

    1. My dear, you have no idea how annoying it is ooo.. Giant of Africa for mouth!! I stopped saying Nigeria was the giant of Africa after I went to Benin.. I was saying if ordinary Benin Republic can have Steady Power supply then Nigeria really needs to be schooled ….i LOVE LoVE LoVE Spaghetti!!! Thanks for reading!!!


    1. Thanks. Man!!! You should go visit!! It’s a really awesome place to visit, am sure you ‘ll find it fun, but beware hidden dangers lay ahead *lols just kidding* thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you come back!!!!!


  1. Hi! Nice post. 🙂 I completed my University degree in Benin Republic. Like I miss That country so bad. Lol. My fav should be the light. Their steady light was just crazy! And yes! I love spaghetti with Pono• Hard bread lol and lait Kaye• I’m not sure I spelled that correctly. Lol. Thanks for Bringing my Benin Republic Memories back. 🙂


      1. I finished from UPIB, I doubt you know that 1. I’m sure you attended Hnaub. Benin is just a beautiful country, and peaceful.


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