Currently I Am #1

Hey guys!!!  Happy New Year,  am sorry if it’s coming a bit late but if you were following me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits then I’ve told you already. Who else loves the feeling of a new Year?  I personally love the feeling of anything new, new month, new day, new Year, new school,  new phone etc. Well,  I am personally very excited to be dropping the first post of the year.  I said here that I was going to take a week long break from blogging to figure some things out, get back my mojo, review my goals and set some more for the new year. Well,  am done with all that and I have finally decided what I want for my blog and where I want to be,  so watch this space because I am going to be delivering some killer content. Lol. But first of all,  let’s take stock.  I decided to go with the Currently I Am pattern which is just the same with my monthly notes (check out the last one  here) so let’s get right into it. 

Wearing – Alot of white tees and baggy track pants,  this was what I wore on Christmas day (Till I went out that evening) the days after,  New Year day, and right now. I never knew I had this much white tees, and I am loving how they make life so easy for me. And by life, I mean lying down instagraming, texting, and sleeping which is all I do till school resumes. 

Wanting – An iPhone. It’s a little bit odd how I got this odd desire to own an iPhone because I have never being a member of the iPhone gang, I used an iPhone (My mother’s old one)  before iPhone became popular yardsticks for measuring coolness and cash, maybe that’s part of the reason but I’ve always loved great Android phones. I can name the specs of almost any Tecno or Infinix phone, a good amount of Samsungs and Gionee. So this desire to own an iPhone is just odd,  and I don’t even want an iPhone 7 (But if you give me, of course I would gladly take *insert smiling emoji) but I want an iPhone 5 or 6, preferably the iPhone 5S because I love handy phones not the ones that my dainty hands (I wish)  can’t hold properly .

Excited For- The new Year and all it brings, I have so much planned and by God’s grace I will have them crossed off my lists as DONE. I’m also very excited for two packages that I will be getting very soon and will show off to you guys quite soon!! 

Wondering- Why Nigerian’s are such hypocrites when they come to Church. I wasn’t an ardent church goer last year I blogged about some reasons here, but this year I am going to do my best to build a very great relationship between me and God, plus on New Year’s eve basically every Christian Nigerian (Please, Muslims do you guys do anything of this sort?  I’m very curious) go to church which I am and I did. And honestly, my mum and I were giving so much shade and sarcasm to every one. The lady beside me, was praying so loudly and shaking so much that I couldn’t even pray (I’m one of those who believe in praying quietly, your prayer should be a spiritual conversation between your father/ maker and you,  right? In Church people constantly tell me ‘Pray na !!!’ Like, I am praying to them)  the woman was behaving like she was convulsing and kept yelling!!!.

Watching- Nothing in particular, but I downloaded the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder and I hope to start watching it soon (Yes, I know it’s sad how I haven’t watched this series but that’s life, I kept postponing it till this moment but this year I will definitely watch it)  and I am also loving a particular Mexican Telenovella, which is so unlike me. 

Anticipating – School!!! I know school is stressful but I love the feeling of being busy and engaged, plus friends!!!  I blogged about my first day In Uni here. School starts In a week’s time from today, and I’ve somethings I have to do, acceptance fees and the likes. I am also anticipating a thrift trip this week or next so excited for it!!!! 

Grateful For – Life. So many people I know died and I’m super grateful to God, for my  life and my family’s.  I’m also grateful for my phone and power supply.  My phone gives me so much joy, because it’s how get my voice out there, and the power supply isn’t the best but it’s definitely better than before and I hope it stays like this or gets better. 

Planning – I have so much planned. I am currently working on creating content for when I may be too busy with school or have the famous ‘blogger ‘ block, I also have a few DIY projects lined up to do. 

Admiring- So many Nigerian  bloggers!!  There are some creative people here you know!!  I really admire them, because it’s not easy Being a creative in Nigeria with the ideology of people around. People like Ifeoma of WhoWhatFab are really inspiring!

Listening To – Forget You by Cee Lo The Glee Cast Version (Because I am such a Geek) . The song is amazing and that’s what I’m listening to as I type this.  

Waiting For –  MMM to come back. If you are in Nigeria then you have heard about the MMM upheaval, I personally told people not to invest in the Ponzi scheme and when they did and MMM went on ‘break’ I told them I Told You So,  because I actually told them because I actually told them investing in December is the worst investment idea ( That’s right I have a great business oriented mind)  and I was correct.
So that’s it guys, that’s what’s happening in my life right now!!  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits, on Twitter @quirksandoutfit and Snapchat @thatajebo. 

So what’s up with you lately?  What are you planning for the new year?  Any new Year resolution?  Please share if you liked this post, and like it too and definitely comment.


25 Replies to “Currently I Am #1”

  1. Funny how we are both wanting new phones. I do want an IPhone too or maybe an affordable yet bad ass Samsung phone. Why are you just jumping on the HTGAWM train? You should be flogged it’s a dope series and you’ll definitely enjoy it. About that church thing people just like to decieve themselves, God is not deaf he can ever hear silent prayers. The key is to draw close to him (James 4:8), gain accurate knowledge of him and his son, Jesus Christ (John 3 :16), do all that they require of us. I plan to round up my service year on a good note, polish up on my skills acquisition programme, be good at this blogging thing and do more in the work of the Lord.

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    1. I want an iPhone, like its so specific iPhone 5s lols, I think somebody called my name and enchanted me with iPhone fever, iPhone 5 that’s not even reigning sef. I definitely should be flogged. I don’t even have am excuse, I was just so lazy and nonchalant about it but am definitely gonna watch it. My dear, tell them oooo, I have done my best but now I am going to focus on a one and one relationship with God and I, not the congregation. I hope we both get to do what we want and tick things off our lists. Thanks for reading!!!!

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      1. Hahaha I can relate to the wanting something so bad. A personal relationship is good 👌 let’s not forget the congregation too. We all need to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24 & 25). I hope I tick off the stuff of my lists too ☺☺


    2. I haven’t also joined the HTGAWM train o.. I guess I should be flogged too. Lol. I didn’t go to church. Just did my cross over prayers at home. It’s hard to be mobile with a 3 month old. My Scripture for the year is Jeremiah 29:11

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      1. Yay!!! My partner in crime!!!! Thank God I’m not the only one ooo!!! Oh, I totally get what it’s like to carry a baby, really makes it hard to do all you want to do. But that bundle of joy is so worth it. Mine is ‘His Grace is Sufficient ‘ and MMM is just too funny, and what’s even funnier it’s the hope they are holding on to.


  2. It’s so funny as how we both are sharing the same vision about 2017,except the movies series and school, and I pray you achieve all these in Jesus name, such a nice contents

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  3. Spoiler: Wes dies.
    Maybe I’m just weird and all but I really don’t understand people that pray and swing their entire body hitting people beside them or shout excessively. One was telling me to shout the other day in church, I just gave her the eyes.

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    1. Lol!! @the eyes. Honestly, I hate those people that walk up and down shouting ‘Die by fire’ or ‘It will not work oo, my enemies shall fail’ me am like ‘My dear, where you keep the enemies? ‘ some people are so annoying!!!! Luckily, spoiler don’t work for *tongue out* I can read the script of a movie and still be excited to watch it

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    1. Oh so sorry about that!!! Hope you get one soon to replace it, mine is just a case of greedy hands lolsss…Ifeoma’s consistency is just something else, and she isn’t just consistent but is so with awesome content!! Amen to greater heights this year for us all!!!!

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  4. I just realised how bad my phone camera has gotten so maybe I want a new phone but I’m not that hyped about it. I’d deal with the bad cam. I’m probably stale but I’m watching Blackish and really enjoying it because each episode is independent, like if you didn’t watch the previous one, you’d understand. You get? I love school and being busy too but right now, I don’t want to resume. Oh, MMM. Goodluck to all the Mavrodians. My very close friend did it tho and I want him to get his money back even though he says he’d still put back money. Sad stuff. Lengthy comment. Okay, bye.


    1. Lol…for me it’s either get a new phone or buy a camera… Though not right now sha. I haven’t even watched Blackish!!! Sighs. My. Movie watching is so behind!!! But I’v added it to my list!!! I’ve resumed already and it’s so hectic already!!! I hope they come back because of your friend and all the other peeps sha. Thanks for reading Ola!!!

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