Life As An Overgrown Teenager 

Growing up, one of the things I’ve had to deal with the most has got to be questions about my age. ‘How are you fifteen? ‘ ‘There is no way you can be fourteen and have this much beard”B*tch please, you ain’t sixteen’. Name it, I’ve heard it.  Somedays it’s very annoying, other days I find It flattering. Like once, someone I was chatting with said ‘How can you be sixteen and this fine? ‘ P. S Does Age affect looks? 

I was born on the 27th of September 1999, I wasn’t good with Math back in secondary school but I think that means I’m seventeen. Right? I started growing facial hair when I was twelve, if you think I’m lying my mum, classmates and all can testify.  I started growing hair down there even much earlier. So let’s just say my body and my age Barely collaborate, and I have to admit it was pretty cool seeing how I was among the only ones in my class that had facial hair popping, I still think I’m one of those with the most facial hair. The rest are still pretty patchy. I find it pretty cool how I can walk into a place and people will be like ‘Hey, boss’ ‘Hey, chairman’ because I look like am some huge guy. 😂.  But I’ve also had annoying moments with it like

Yesterday, when my mum went shopping- because she does shopping, she came back home with a pair of track pants which I’ve been wanting since forever, but when I wore it, I discovered it was a bit snug. So we- my mum and I, went back to the shop and when the shop owner saw me. She said ‘Na this old man, you dey buy that small. Piking Cloth for? ‘ (So, it’s this old man you are buying that small child’s clothe for ‘ And she was very loud, I felt very embarrassed because there were alot of other people there. Eventually, the lady started asking my mother if she is my aunty or sister. That how can she give birth to an old man like me? 

Mbok (That means please, I think) this lady is my mother not my sugar mummy, aunty, sister or what ever you think she is ooo. 

Here are a Few things to get straight about my age-

1) I’m seventeen years old, and yes, i shave weekly cause otherwise I’ll have an overdose of fuzz,  not because I want More beard. And no,  I never got the pleasure of praying for beards or using catalyst for it. 

2) Yes, she is my mother not my sugar mummy and what not. You calling me her boyfriend is creepy. 

3) If you really want to know, I got admitted into Secondary school at age Nine that’s why I left early. 

4) I didn’t eat poultry feed, that’s not why I’m ‘overgrown’.  So stop referring to me as an ‘overgrown fowl’ that’s creepy. 

5) I stopped wearing teenager’s range of clothes when I was thirteen/fourteen.  Now I wear Men extra large, and I use shoes to control my foot size. 

6) I’m not a replacement for my dad. You’ll be surprised at how insensitive Nigerians can be, they’ll tell you that ‘Don’t worry na, you have this big son what do you need the man for? ‘ FYI, I’m the son not the father. There is alot of difference.

7) I may look older, but I’m not. I’m still just seventeen years Old. So before you tell me to behave my age. Try to know what my age is. 

8) Why will I fake my age?  I remember when I was In Poly, someone actually told me that ’15’-my age back then, was my official age. And I was like ‘Really? ‘

I really love the fact that I look older though, but Nigerians make it Annoying sometimes.  I love how I can walk up to someone and tell them I’m twenty and they’ll believe me without batting an eye. It’s really something I’m very happy about.

So any overgrown teenagers out there?  Anyone with some thing to share?  Tell me in the comments down below!!  And who else isn’t entirely in the Christmas spirit?  But am still waiting for some of my Christmas Things to happen.

And of course to start getting some things on my Christmas Wishlist.

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19 Replies to “Life As An Overgrown Teenager ”

  1. You are a young and handsome teenager
    Whatever the case, don’t they say age is just a number?
    You are very mature character wise and you should be proud of that because that’s what matters most.
    Honestly, I thought you were older not because of your looks but because of the way you handle your blog which is so mature
    Your mum is so cute.
    Merry Christmas my dear

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  2. The first time I read on here that you were 17,I remember scrolling back up to look at your pictures and asking myself how you aren’t 22 or thereabout. Apart from the fact that you’d probably have to do a lot of talking to convince people, it’s cool tbh. I’m always like the youngest in any gathering I find myself too cos I also got into Secondary school at age 9 so I can relate a little bit. Your mum is pretty. Merry Christmas.
    My Top 5 Favourite Things About Christmas


    1. Lol, Twenty Two, hahaha sometimes I look at the mirror and I’m like I so get what people think, it’s cool though having to mingle WIth. People that are far older than I am, yay, we got into School same age, Thanks for the compliment to my mum, its the genes lol… Merry Christmas Dear


  3. Preach brother!!!! We’re even agemates. I guess I have an old face. In terms of stature, I look my age 😂😂. I was told I look 22 when I was just 14. Some random dude also kept disturbing me thinking I was 20 something while I was actually just 14. It’s better now though. It will eventually stop as you grow older.

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    1. Lol…i have an old face and an old body lol….i so get that more than you believe, alot of people quote my age as 22+ and some days am. Lol 👀 really? I just shake my head and don’t bother answering, it’s stopped bothering me too much sha

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  4. Hahaaha this post actually made me laugh. Aswear you look 19 to me but then looks can truly be decieving. Personally I feel i look younger than my age and maybe it’s my stature that’s decieving me but it has it’s own advantages too. P.S – I got into JSS1 at age 8/9 talk about speed of light education 😀


      1. Sure, I would keep coming back to see what dis fine boy has,lol. Don’t know what’s wrong with the follow button, buh would check you out IG (so watch out for dee_iromi,lol, nothing serious on my IG tho).

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    1. Lol.. Same here but nature held me back otherwise I’m sure by now I would have had a first degree and a masters in the works lol.. I don’t even look at anybody again oooo… Yass to more teen bloggers!!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting dear


  5. 😂😂 I legit had to drop my phone for a minute cus iI can relate to this post but in an opposite way. I always have to convince people about my age…im 20 but I look 15 and my baby face doesn’t help😩😩 and like Nigerian people are so creepy (no 6) sometimes i wish my mom didn’t raise me to have so much respect for elderly people and strangers so I could tell some people off…like go away from here mahn or who ask you💁


  6. I just randomly saw this post and decided to click, and I don’t regret that decision at all! This was hilarious but shocking! I, like the other commenters above, initially also thought you were way older. You’ll go so far in life, I believe honestly. But damn! Growing beards at 12/13, like you said there are advantages and disadvantages! I’m similar to a little extent, my own is just that I look way older than I am. However I didn’t experience any ‘favorable’ rapid growth spurts like you, I just grew taller lol #teamshapedlikeironingboard ahaha. Chai, some people are so insensitive though but can you blame them? lol smh! Try and focus on the benefits oh!


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