Five Things That Make My Christmas 

Hey guys!!!  So it’s being what four days since my last post here  right? I don’t know why though, school is on Christmas holiday,  which I’m so glad for cause school is so hectic and stressful check out my first day here. Anyways, I became a contributor for TLM Urban and here is my first post here please go read.

So it’s a couple days, four days to be exact, to Christmas and is it just me or does it not feel Christmasy?  I mean, by this time in the past years I’m sure they’ll be chickens everywhere saying their last prayers, an amazing frosty haze -P. S why is there no Harmattan in Port Harcourt? Honestly, Christmas this year is sorta bleh for me. Because there are five things on my checklist fo  an actual Christmas.

1) Harmattan –

Some of you may not know this but Harmattan is like our version of winter, it’s how we have that perfect white Christmas!!!  Harmattan means alot to me, its one of my favorite things ever. I finally get to wear jackets, sweaters etc and I don’t sweat, I feel very brisk and I always look good during the harmattan. So I feel very sad that I haven’t felt any Harmattan dry wind yet. Please, I’m still dreaming of a white Christmas. 

2) Funny Hats and Trees-

So I burnt our Christmas tree two months ago. It wasn’t an actual tree though, the plastic caricature but still. It was the one from last year’s Christmas and It was taking up space in MY ROOM!!!  So it had to go. And now with this economy, I don’t think I’ll get that white Christmas tree I want. Regardless, I still want to buy those funny Christmas caps. Normally at this juncture, i’ld be wearing Santa’s cap everywhere shamelessly. But it’s still gonna happen. 

3) My Sister’s Birthday-

So my sister’s birthday is the twenty eighth of December, so that means we always celebrate it – unlike mine which never get celebrated!!!!!  Not jealous. Christmas day celebration usually gets carried over to her day, which it will this year,  as usual. And I’ll be low-key jealous that she gets all the birthday fun that I don’t get. 

4) Food 

I love food. And I eat alot. I’m just very glad that despite how much I eat I am still not very fat. Thank you genes and occasional exercise. And Christmas is the time for food!!! I mean from baked goods to spicy chicken to everything!!!  I’m mostly looking forward to the cake though. That Christmas cake is so gonna be bomb. Assuming my mum pities me and bakes instead of making small chops and the likes. 

5) Christmas Eve-

If you have been in my house for a night party then you ‘ll know we know how to rock!!!  My mum, my younger sister and I are party animals!!! Like really. We have this tradition of making Christmas Eve much more fun,  than the actual Christmas day. Because that night, we’ll have our neighbors giving us major side-eye with how loud our music will be, enough drinks – non alcoholic to float a small ocean, and so much food that even an insatiable  food addict like me will be satisfied. Lol 

Don’t get wrong, I know that Christmas isn’t about feasting and all, but to me Christmas is having fun with people you love and be grateful that some day thousand years ago, we were set free from sin. 

P. S – Check out my Christmas wish list here.

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