Weekend Skin Care

Hey guys!!! How was your week?  Mine was pretty busy and hectic, like I mentioned in my last post here, I’ve resumed school. Sure, more of what am doing right now involves registration, locating my lecture hall (which took me a whole day like I mentioned in this post) and other preliminary stuff. Trust me, its whole lot more hectic than It sounds. I came back home with a pounding headache, but what really got my attention was a video I made on Instagram (are you following me?  @quirksandoutfits), while re-watching the video I realized that my face was rough. Well, not rough but rougher than my normally Smooth face!!!! 

This is my face normally.

This is my face after a week of stress. Notice those annoying acne? Let me tell you a story. 

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. A very good looking boy, if I might add, but he had one problem. Acne, they were everywhere. They made him shy and very self-conscious. He felt whenever someone was looking at him all they saw was acne. He stopped taking pictures, he shied away from public places. Until one day, he discovered the power of skin care. And then he vanquished all the acne, and he lived happily ever after. 

Lol.  Anyways, after watching that video over and over I decided this just can’t stand and so I decided to enjoy some well-deserved skin care.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen my Instastories (I’ll leave them for the whole day)  and you’ll see my process but sharing is caring. So let me share with you guys the  process here too. 

1) Face To Face Peel-Off

This is the first thing I use. And one of my favorite products. I use a cucumber flavor, because it saves me the process of using cucumber later on. It costs about Four Hundred Naira, and lasts very long. Just apply the quantity you need, rub it on your face and leave it for eight minutes. After That, peel it off. If you don’t want to go through the process of peeling it off, splash some water and voila, new skin. 


This product is probably my personal favorite. I have been using it for over two years and I can actually stand on my word that it is amazing. Trust me on this. And it’s also fairly cheap and long lasting. After drying your face, assuming you used water to remove the face peel off, put some of the exfoliant in your fingers and massage it lightly on your face in circular motions and then leave it on for about ten minutes, or till it dries off. And then wash it off, or just take a shower cause that’s what I do. 

This actually belonged to my mum, but seeing how she helped me finish my rosewater face cleanser, I decided that fair is fair. Regardless, ever since I replaced my old face cleanser with this, I have been more than satisfied. The toner not only cleanse, but it also makes your skin tone bright and even. After exfoliating, dab some of the liquid on cotton wool and then rub it on the face in circular motion applying a little force and note it burns a bit so expect that. 

 4) Moisturise-

Most people underestimate the power of moisturising but don’t. It’s probably the most important part of an skin care regimen. Anyways, after using the skin toner, your face might be a bit hot so the moisturizer really helps to calm it down and voila, you have almost flawless skin like me.  Grin.

Do tell me in the comments section, what your thoughts are On this. What are your favorite skin care products? Did you take care of your skin today?  Do you think men shouldn’t take care of their skin? 

Check out my instastories for the video of this @quirksandoutfits. And please, share, like and follow. 

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7 Replies to “Weekend Skin Care”

  1. For reals when I was saw your post on IG, I was like what’s all this 😂😂😂 but then skin care isn’t only for ladies, guys too should take care of their skin. Tbh I don’t do much for my skin. I only ensure I wash it regularly because it gets super oily. Maybe I’ll invest in some skincare products later.


    1. Lol….ikr, alot of people believe guys should just shower and be all barefaced but I think a little skin care never hurt anybody, right? I don’t have oily skin though, and you should totally invest in some skin care products you know it’s really important, but maybe you got really great skin that’s why you don’t really bother… Lol… Thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shut the front door! You got a peel off mask for 400 naira and it works?! Where? How much was the Apricot scrub? I usually spend thousands on my skin care products. Last products I used were Clearasil Blackhead remover, Clean & Clear Acne Treatment and Palmer’s Toner and all of that cost about 5000. I hardly ever moisturise because my face can reflect sunlight on my worst days so I try to avoid over oiling. I use Vaseline Aloe Vera because it makes your skin feel soooo soft and it lasts and it smells really good. It’s cheap as well, only 700 naira.


    1. Lol!!! Got mine from a store just nearby, very cheap. So I immediately grabbed it!!!! Like really!!! The apricot was 400 naira, I spend about a thousand and five hundred naira for all my skin products and that’s for all of them!!! And I buy alot and they are quality products too!!!! The only one i wish I had was a sun block with a spectrum of 30 but the one I priced was 6k, the cheap ones are low quality, still saving up for that sha lol… I’ll ask for Vaseline Aloe Vera, but I dont even know if Aloe Vera is for my skin sef

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tch aloe Vera is for everyone’s skin. It’s like coconut oil. You can’t not even. Seriously?! Even the Palmer’s. Okay there is no way you got Neutrogena for less than 1000 naira. How much was the rose water though?

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