Student Diary|| My First Day In Words and Pictures 

I really do apologize for not updating my student diary since my Exam Fever post (check it out here) and for not doing a recap of the exam like I had wanted but, I passed the exam because if I hadn’t I would have been so bitter ya ‘all would have known. Lol.  Regardless, the exam came out and I got on the list and very high up too – not that it matters. In my Ten Ways To Earn My Heart post I mentioned that I had my first lecture slotted in for Monday but the Muslim Holiday had it postponed, so Tuesday was my first day of school and here is a sorta-photo diary.

 Excitement coursed through my veins, this was it.  After five months of been in a limbo. My life was finally getting restarted, with Taylor Swift in my ears I made quick work of getting ready. In fact too quick, because I was all ready by a quarter to seven, and I had oh nothing to do whilst I waited for the time to be somewhat reasonable before leaving, so selfies and Instagram were timekillers and I just couldn’t stop smiling. But I tried. 

 I was hoping to keep up with Instastories but I didn’t quite do that, regardless I shared the hustle of getting on a bus. But after a while of trying to get a bus into school, I gave up and decided to walk instead  and take a few pictures. 

This Is what it looks like immediately after the front gate of Uniport Abuja campus, it’s odd how it looks so calm!!! If you could see what is behind this picture. 
Anyways, the real hustle was getting to my lecture hall which I had no idea where it was. Wouldn’t it have been time saving for the school to email us our timetable and lecture destinations? Isn’t how its done in more developed countries? (P. S if you are in a more developed country please do endeavor to comment down below and tell us).  Anyways, this gave me the opportunity to spend almost four hours looking for my lecture hall!!! One of the things I miss about Benin Republic Universities is that, you’ll never spend ten minutes looking for your classes.

If there is one thing Uniport (The University of Port Harcourt) has alot of it’s greenery and it’s very beautiful. The pictures didn’t capture It’s lushness quite as much as I had hoped though.

And there is one of the people who help keep it lush and neat, eh? 

So after walking a loooonnnngggg distance, I met some people who directed me to the Department of Linguistics and Communications- my department, to get the information I was looking for. However after steering me to a direction that had me walking for twenty minutes, the man I met told me that the department has been moved to a new Building alongside the Entire Faculty of Humanities!!!

What!!!   I wanted to scream,  he then directed me to somewhere inbetween The Senate Building and Ipalibo Banigo Road which I had passed on the way!!!  Then someone came and they started arguing the directions and my head started hurting even more, but eventually the one thing I got was that ‘It’s close to the Senate Building’

That’s the Senate Building, which I had to retrace my steps to find. I had to use my terrible sense of direction and there even more terrible directions to go behind the building. I quickly discovered that everybody had their own answers to the questions, and they were mostly incorrect!!! Anyways,  after almost an hour and almost killing somebody I sighted a signboard that read ‘Faculty of… ‘, I quicker my steps only to reach there and it was 

Trust me,  I said some pretty unkind words not to be repeated by a gentleman, but luck was on my side because I turned my head and I saw the ‘Faculty of Humanities’ signboard pretty close,  however I realised that to reach it, I had to go a full 360 degree. Anyways, after doing that I met an officer and after a few minutes of awkwardness I was directed to where the lecture hall was. 

Can you believe the lecture hall was not too far from where I asked the man for directions?!!!! So I had to ‘ re-walk ‘back there. I lost my trademark smile. 

That’s the lecture hall and it is huge!!!!  Much more than It looks trust me, and it’s as crappy as it looks though. lols.

Here’s what underneath looks like, I actually found someone sleeping underneath. Anyways, I met up with some other students and we swapped stories and made complains over the stress to find the lecture hall. I was glad I wasn’t alone. We later saw some students dancing though, it was really interesting.

 Just for amebo -Fun gossip, this lady had no control over those heels and almost did a cartwheel while falling, luckily the man held her. *evil grin*

We had this super cool statue in front of the hall too. 

Going back home, I couldn’t walk though so I decided to take a taxi back. 

And we didn’t go through the gate,  I had originally gone through earlier. Rather we used the back gate. 

So there it is. My ‘First’ day in Uniport. I got blisters, but it was fun though, I might do a post on What I wore, should I?  Have you guys had any odd first days?  Do tell me in the comments and please sharing is caring so use the share buttons down below. And don’t forget to subscribe *in Scott Hoying’s voice*


5 Replies to “Student Diary|| My First Day In Words and Pictures ”

  1. Lol aww
    This was fun to digest 😀
    I’d be heading off to school soon and I’m feeling super nervous already!
    I haven’t had a lot of first times — I attended the same primary and high school without changing.
    But it was interesting when I went for UniUyo’s screening before my parents decided they didn’t want me to go that far.
    I felt so lost — there were too many people!
    I think I was more than happy to not go there to be honest, how would one properly assimilate in such a condition? My department of Mass communication were in hundreds and the place was hot and stuffy.
    And I was low-key scared of the look of their hostel sha.
    And that was when I was suffering from my Pneumonia and breathing issues so it wasn’t a nice time at all.
    Though I meet some friendly girls 🙂
    And by the way, you listen to Taylor Swift??
    You’re my spirit animal! ❤

    Ima |


    1. Same here, primary and secondary school were the same…. It’s the assimilation that’s half the fun, meeting new people and learning new ways of doing things but it’s so scary, you know, Taylor Swift is bae, she is just amazing, I don’t know how else to describe her sound, sorry for pneumonia and all, and our hall. Promises to be overly crowded hahah

      Liked by 1 person

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