My Christmas Wish list 

‘Tis the season to be wishing, fa la la la la la.’ Lol.  Typically, to me Christmas means chill, eat alot of Chicken, and of course my sister’s birthday- which is three days after Christmas. Nothing special. This year, I don’t really have much planned but I feel unnaturally pumped-up,  like something awesome this way comes.  So finger crossed, one eye peeping. Anyways, in the spirit of creating new traditions I decided to actually write out my Christmas wishlist. I of course have a lot I want,  but this list is just a crisscross of a few of them so let’s get to it. 

1) The Cassie Daves Blog Planner- I have a confession to make *Takes In Deep Breath* I have a crush of Cassie Daves. Honestly, she is one woman I just adore. She is a model,  blogger extradonaire,  Medical Doctor and secretly Super Woman and the creator of the Eponymous Cassie Daves Blog Planner,  which I have been eyeing for months now. Even prior to starting my own blog,  I have been dying to get my paws on them. So I want It. Scratch that I need it. So if there is any elf reading this, please am begging. 

2) A Tripod- My younger sister takes alot of my pictures, except my flatlays of course. And I remember once,  she was in school and I badly wanted my picture taken. I was feeling so fly that day, and while being frustrated staring at the clock, I remember wishing there was a device to hold your phone or camera and take pictures of you. Because, I actually forgot there indeed was a device like that already!!!  So ever since,  I have been wishing on countless shooting stars for one.

3) K and S Totes – Yes, i know I made a tote just the other day. But darlin ‘, it’s like because the tailor down the street made you a shirt, so you don’t want an Alexander McQueen shirt. Insane. Anyways, I first came across KS totes when I was reading My Style Look Book Series, and I then went to their instagram @kstotebags, and ever since then I have been low-key obsessesed. And the best part is they are very inexpensive but #brokeboyproblems.  So please, Santa Claus, Elves, the good people of the North Pole and of course my darling readers, if any of you want to gift me something, just go to kstotebags on Instagram, follow them (and me while you are at it @quirksandoutfits), scroll through to the all black, or black and white tote bag and buy it for me. Okay, am done low-key begging. Lol. 

4) Christmas Miracle – Need I say more?  There are so much I wish I had done this year but the year is rounding up and several of them are undone and I will really love something miraculous to happen. Or just some unplanned Cash will do. 

5)World Love- See!!!  Am neither selfish nor materialistic. I know the usual wish is for world peace, but in my opinion without Love, the highest peace we are gonna get is the calm before a storm. This is Christmas, if there is ever a time to go out of your way to be kind. It’s now. Be kind,  and loving and start buying the things on my wish list for me. *Grins* 

So how’s that for a Christmas wish list?  What’s on yours?  What are you gifting me?  Lol.  Be ‘Christmassy’ and share this post with the share buttons, down below and of course Your comments mean the world to me. 

P. S If you wanna reach me, maybe to give me my gifts, : ), get me on Instagram or email me-

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9 Replies to “My Christmas Wish list ”

  1. I want Cassie Daves blog planner too. I heard a lot about it too and I think it could be really useful
    And some extra cash too, u know to buy a cute Christmas dress
    I still miss that part of my childhood
    …If wishes were horses


  2. Lol, trust me. The planner is on virtually everyone’s list, mine inclusive. I’m getting it. Hopefully. I just want money. I’d take care of the rest myself. And it doesn’t feel like Christmas here. Not one bit.
    Laitanbee Blog


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