My Weekend Life 

I am a huge homebody. I spend a huge portion of my time in my house, reading, writing, watching cartoons and reality shows and of course talking- actually gossiping with my mum. I know alot of teenagers/young adults (which is the age group my physical body fall into while my heart is that of a kid) love hanging out with other teenagers outside on weekends. I do too. Regardless of what people say, I am not antisocial. Okay, maybe a li’l bit. But I do enjoy my own company and with alot of time on my hand due to school not starting till a week and two days or so. I am surprised at the fact that I spent over four months in my house. But today, I wanna focus on five things I do most weekends. 

Reading- I have always been an avid reader.I remember when I was in secondary school and I couldn’t eat without a book by my side. Even In my house, underneath all my couches I have novels so that whenever I just reach out I get one. But my obsession has got to be magazines. I love magazines. Especially old ones. I love going back to my collection of magazines and picking one out and reading it with a cup of milk and some awesome music. The magazine I am reading this week is Complete Fashion, a 2013 copy with Sasha P and Bryan Okwara. 

Music- There is nothing quite as awesome as some great jams blasting your ear while you skim through a copy of Complete Fashion. Currently, the song I have replaying this weekend is The Cell Block Tango From The Musical Chicago.  Apparently, it is about six murdereressess who killed their husbands/boyfriends for varying reasons including accusing them and popping gum. I think the line I have been obsessed with all week is ‘He ran into my knife, he ran into my knife ten times’.  It’s very relaxing. Odd? 

Phone- Okay, no matter what anybody tells you, I am not obsessed with my phone? I just love it so much, and I don’t like anyone else touching it. And I have this urge to check it every minute for new notifications. And looking at pictures. And texting. Okay, yes I am. I admit it. But I think In this generation we all are a little bit obsessed with our smartphones. By the way, the phone apps I am currently obsessing over are- Wattpad (Because I am a huge reader), Instagram (I really love how Social Media allows us to go into full stalker mode without having to climb into people’s compounds and get arrested), and Snapseed. I actually learnt about Snapseed a couple months back while reading one of my favorite blogs- Mira La Belle, I however never got it downloaded until last night. And trust me, I have no regrets because it is one of the best and easiest photography apps. 

Snacking And Drinking- I eat alot more than most people know. Alot of people believe I don’t eat much, but the truth is I snack more than I eat. I actually eat my own weight in snacks. And my fast metabolism and occasional workout otherwise trust me I would have been a lot huger. But what I really take most weekends is a mug of milk. Something that gets my mum pissed. I take only four cups a month. And those four cups are what makes up the whole tin. The truth is I use about five huge spoonfuls, two cubes of sugars and a sprinkling of chocolate- just enough to change the colouring, with very hot water which I pour to about three quarter of the cup so it’s very creamy. Sometimes too creamy, but very hot which is great for Sipping while reading a romantic fan fiction with The Cell Block Tango just whispering in your ears. 

So there you have it. That’s the kind of craziness I get up to during the weekends,  what about you?  What’s your Weekend life like?  Do tell me in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits.  And of course, share this post if you found it interesting and fun with the share buttons down below. 

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8 Replies to “My Weekend Life ”

  1. Haha you should be my twin. I’m a homebody too and only go out when it’s important or just to chill. I love writing too but I peruse magazines once in a while. Saw the Chicago movie a couple of years back and you should hear the Glee club’s version of the song. Santana, Rachael and the other girls killed one of the soundtracks. Music is life I always say. Stay cool!


  2. Okay you are literally unreal.
    If I wasn’t so sure I’d taken care of all of them, I’d think you were one of my alternate dimension replicas.
    Reading. Yes. I prefer novels to magazines because novels are easily attained and they just transport you to another world and they’re amazing really.
    Cell Block Tango! “And then he ran into my knife; he ran into my knife ten times.” Is my favorite line!
    Followed by “So I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots. Into his head.”
    And then “You know, some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.”
    I would loovvee to watch Chicago or any other musical on Broadway, for that matter.
    Honestly phones, snacking and drinking are all basic requirements of human life.


    1. OMG!!!!! Would you believe that all these are my favorite lines? Like really, they are my absolute favorite lines, !!!! I love Broadway so much!!! If I wasn’t a terrible singer I would say being On Broadway is my dream, but still writing a musical play is my dream, my favorite musicals are West Side Story, Wicked, Funny Girl and Dream Girls…. We are like other dimension selves yo!!! Wait, took care of them? How? Now am scared?!! Lool

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lool, let’s just say I’m an Edo girl and leave it at that.
        I adore Broadway! Luckily I can sing and act and write and all. Frankly, I can do anything they want me to. They finna be all “Can you install a giant plasma screen television in the sky?” And I’m be like “You want it to cover the whole sky or just New York sky?”
        Sigh. Yes Broadway


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