Bye, November Hello, December 

Can I get a ‘Hallelujah’ people?  The year is just a few days short from coming to a full end. It really amazes me how the year just went by so fast. November was an ‘Okay’ month for me. It was filled with a lot of small moments, and I am learning to love my own company even more than normal. 

Not only,  did I start a blog in November I sorta did good with it. Right? I also wrote a very important exam this month which I blogged about here, I also started taking decisions without spending too much time over-thinking it which I also talked about here. Generally, this year has been one of self-development and personal growth. And this month has been too. It’s been slow yeah but I really can’t complain because hey, we got here and it’s my sister’s Tenth birthday. Wow, I can’t believe my little monster is Ten. I feel so old. 

Anyways, I wanna take stock for November so let’s get right into it. 

Wondering – If I had the choice, what career would I love to pursue. Don’t get me wrong, I have a dream (I sound like Martin Luther) and a passion. But if I were to choose a backup white collar proffesion, what would it be? 

Loving – Myself. And the fact that I may have been a hermit for the past four months but I made it through to brighter and better days. Also, this blog. I can’t believe I love writing here as much as I do but am really loving the whole process. And yes, i am also loving Kelly Clarkson. I have always been a fan. But sometime, this month I started relistening to her old songs and started falling in love with her. Again. 

Watching – A bit too much of Cartoons and Pre-teen movies for it to be normal. I always loved cartoons but recently I have started placing reality shows above cartoons  but the hassle of fighting for the remote with my sister everytime we switch on the generator is just too much so I gave up. And now, she has converted me into a cartoon adict. Again.

Reading – Nothing much. I spend most of my time now reading e-books and blogs than actual books. 

Longing– For school. I can’t wait to get started. This coach potato life is great and all but nothing beats good ol’ school stress.

Regretting –Not going through with my plans for the DIY projects I wanted to do. And not actually keeping to my exercise routine. I blame it all on laziness.

Learning- That I can’t wait for someone or something to make me feel special, that I have to look at myself in the mirror and accept myself for all my awesomeness and flaws.

Wishing- For alotta things,  Christmas is here again. The time to wish. And hopefully get. Maybe I should write a wishlist and hope Santa or some Elf reads this blog and decide to get me at least half of the things I want. Lol. Top of my list though The Cassie Daves blog planner, a tripod, headphones,  and a whole Lotta other things. 

Making- A list. Well,  several. List of future blog posts. Blogging goals. World domination to-do list, Christmas wish list, why Glee is the best movie list etc Just normal stuff. 

Eating- Just my usual amount of junk. I also ate a lot more groundnuts than I normally do this month. As well as soaked garri. 

Drinking- As much as I love Fantas, I didn’t really drink as much as I normally do. I didn’t really drink as much soda as I normally do. Yay. Though am sure December is here to change that.

 Listening- To alot more Kelly Clarkson than I normally do. It’s odd though, I didn’t really listen to my Glee playlist as much as I normally do but Kelly made me barely notice. And Taylor Swift. And Demi Lovato. All these awesome ladies really made me feel like someone out there got me with their awesome voices and breakup songs. Which reminds me. 

Grateful- To finally be done with my ex. I’ve done the Final part of all terrible breakups. The Facebook Block and Unblock. You block them so they know you serious, then unblock them so they can see your pictures and know that you are really over them. Lol. And for the fact, that though I still ate meat pie, I had a great vegetarian diet this month. 

So how was November For you guys?  Don’t forget to share, like and comment and follow me on Instagram @quirksandoutfits. 

P. S- The Hercules picture is part of my little support for Children Cancer Awareness.

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