Thoughts On A Church-Going Day 

Zing’  my phone went,  and I knew without looking at it that it was another ‘Happy Sunday’ or ‘Hope you went to church’s text message. If I was lucky, it’ll be a ‘Go-To-Church’ meme.  Yay!!! Not. It may interest  you to know that while all these people are sending me all these texts and all, am just here in my boxers thinking of a late breakfast, some extra weekend skin care,  writing up some post ideas and of course low-key stalking my favorite Instagram people. 😁.

Update- I did a Style Crush Post on one of my favorite Instagram people here.

Why?  I can actually imagine some overly religious zealot  wincing at this, but I have Been looking for a religion for sometime now. I was born and raised a Christian, let’s not point fingers at any church but It was a Pentecostal. And as far back, as I can remember when I asked ‘What’s your religion?’ I promptly answer ‘Christian’.  I still do. But I have been questioning alot of things lately and my Religious Inclination has been one of those things. I constantly wonder, if I believe in God,  Jesus and Christianity merely because I was raised to.  This conviction within me, this belief is it because I know deep down he exists. Or is it because that is all I ever knew. 

I honestly don’t have an answer to that. But,  the truth is the idea of someone above, loving you unconditionally, believing in you definitely doesn’t hurt. So yeah, I have this unexplainable, insurmountable conviction that he does exist. But I do not have this unexplainable, insurmountable conviction in any one church. Why?  For one, they are too contradictory- case in point

One church says ”Women!!! Don’t wear trousers” and another says ”Women!!!!  Don’t wear trousers at church” and another ” it’s okay to wear trousers”.  And because I always have an opinion, I say ”But God is everywhere,  he is In the church just as much as he is at our homes,  right? And besides the Bible never said ‘Yo ladies, don’t wear trousers” it said don’t wear what belongs to a man. And darling, those trousers are definitely not for a guy”. But what do I know?  Don’t even get me started on the struggle for churchmembers *coughs* customers *coughs* like its a personal business, if a member goes to another branch of the same church, not another church,  the pastors face becomes as sour as mine when I turn to watch E!  and they aren’t showing The Kardashians or Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

One other problem,  I have with churchgoing days. Is having to deal with the pretentious people.  You’ll see a woman beating another woman’s Child because the Children were playing and hers said the other child hit him/her, and the woman is ready to go all Power Rangers on the poor kid. Or another lady is sharing food in the church and makes sure her kids have three servings and other people haven’t tasted the food. Including me!!!!!  And she will say the food has finished. Or is it that the ‘big men’s stay closer to the altar while the ‘small men’s stay as far as possible so as not to ‘taint’ God?  Or that Usher who always tells me not to cross my leg in church that I am not in my father’s parlour  and a part of me just wants to say ‘Uhm, technically I am’ but years of unfortunate polite manners won’t let me. 

Here, is how I see it.  Being a Christian means I have to fuel my actions with love. And nothing else. Before I go,  muse this over

John 3- 16

For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”

You got that?  Whosoever believe? That’s the keyword, folks?  I believe in him so I got everlasting life? Or do you think God has changed his Mind? If you don’t then just Believe in Christ and share some love around?  And you can also share this post with share buttons below? As well as like it.  And also comment.

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24 Replies to “Thoughts On A Church-Going Day ”

  1. I really like this post and it’s shows that you love God and are willing to worship and do is will. It’s sad to say that today religion has become more about human doctrines rather than what’s is found in God’s word the Bible and it’s true that some monetize religion, but this shouldn’t stop one to search out the right path. It is true God can be everywhere we are but same God encourages us not to “forsake the meeting together” (Hebrews 10: 24, 25).
    I have a lot more to say but I can’t fit it all here but I’d like you to check out this website it can help you to actually find so many answers to key questions. I’d love to get your feedback ☺☺


  2. Heyy!! Very lovely post. You are so spot on!

    I think these days churches and Christians are drawing more people away from God than they are to God. I heard someone say its because they’ve turned Christianity into a “what to DO to please God” ideology instead of an “appreciate God for what He has DONE” ideology. The former ideology tends to be frustrating because it just binds us to rules that differ from place to place and thus confuses people. The spirit of God is one and so the rules are meant to be one too. Salvation is a personal experience though meaning you are supposed to listen to God and do what HE tells YOU not what the church tells you. I think that’s another place where people are missing it. However its true that we are not supposed to forsake the gathering of the believers so one has to find a bible believing church that they’re in tune with their vision and mission.I grew up in the church too but after a while changed churches because I found somewhere where I felt I could serve God more wholeheartedly so its okay to change churches. Basically all this long story is that its all about you. Read the world and let the Spirit read you. Even after listening to sermons you have to go back to check if the sermon followed the word of God. There’s this guy, Andrew Wommack, that teaches on the things the church is missing in this day. You can check out his website and download stuff. Start with the “as I have loved you” series though. Its mind bursting. The website is

    Sorry for the extra long comment. I’m going now don’t worry. Very nice blog you have here and I really like the theme.


    1. Oh no worries…. Thank you so much for visiting and I appreciate your comment more than you can imagine… And I think you captured the essence of the post better than I did.. Lol….thanks for visiting am going to go check your blog now


  3. Am not one to sweet talk someone into attending a particular church.. All i tell people is look for the assembly that ministers to you. Going to church does not determine your going to heaven cos the truth is that most of the dilligent churchgoers, are intentional chronic sinners in their private lives yet they come out every sunday and singer louder than

    Glowyshoes’s blog

    My Facebook



  4. Hmm…
    It’s good that you’re honest about these things. But if you are skeptical about God cos of what you see in churches, that’s a problem. Salvation is personal. Just because someone out there is soiling the name of christianity, and causing disunity and controversy, doesn’t mean you shouln’t be a Christian.
    On the last day you won’t tell God that it’s because of what they did that I was skeptical. It’s personal. Decide because of you, not because of ‘them’.
    I pray God guides you. And if they are rules in your church, obey them. Cos God is also a God of orderliness.
    Love the write up.


    1. Thank you so much…. I used to be skeptical of God, but that’s in the past now, currently I believe in personal faith as a Christian, I don’t think there is a particular right way or rules to follow to salvation, to me it’s all about Christ cause he said ‘He is the way ‘, so yeah I’ll follow him to the best of my abilities, but I have issues with particular rules that are just for show which to me look like hypocrisy…..but that’s just my opinion tho, thanks for stopping by!!!!

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    1. I have and I’m really glad because my spiritual life is alot better and it has also really increased the quality of my daily life. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, I really appreciate you


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