Hey guys, isn’t it weird that am posting two days in a row?  And they still wanna know why I am actually prepping up to add ‘Weird’ as my official middle name.  So those of you who read my last post will know that I had an Extremely important exam, what’s the verdict?  It was Okay, I guess. Am going to the full post on this, but just know I didn’t fail. And the fact that other than this post the next thing am writing is a truck load of complaint letters to the School shouldn’t worry you guys.

Well, let’s get to it. I’ve been seeing this TMI tag everywhere and then Funke of said I should do it. Yay!!!! 

What are you wearing? 

A pair of brown boxers.  Weirdo alert!!!  Literally, I am wearing just a pair of boxers cause I came back home, stripped my clothes and dozed off. Just waking up sef. Next!!!!!! (I heard this word, way too many times today) 

Have you been in love? 

Yes,  thrice.

How tall are you? 

5ft. 11 but I think am about 6ft now though. 

How much do you weigh?

A ton especially after splurging on Fantas and meatrolls today. 

Any Tattoos?


Any Piercings?

Not yet, though am planning on alot. Got the spots marked already. 😂 

OTP(One True Pairing) 

I read way too many fanfiction to have just one. But I think Klaine, Staroline, Delena, and uhm Klaorline. If you a fanfic junkie you speak my language,  translate.

Favorite Show?

Hmmmmmm. I have so many- Glee,  Empire,  Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Keeping Up with The Kardashians,  Scream Queen(Which is kinda my new fave,  weirdly am just starting it)  and True Blood. 

Favorite Band? 

Am not really a band kinda guy.  Does the Glee Cast count?  But I Love Florence and the Machine.

Something You Miss? 

I miss my innocence. Nowadays, am too critical and less romantic. Okay, am still very romantic but am trying too hard not to be looking for a Disney love every corner turn. 

 Favorite Song?

Uhm the Glee covers. And Adele’s

How Old are you? 


Zodiac Sign? 

Libra, baby. 

Quality you look for in a partner? 

Very smart, very good looking,  pop-culture or fashion orientated (Never am I going to date someone who doesn’t like those two, again. No way)

Favorite Quote? 

I came to slay, bitch. You’ll be surprised at how much I say this a day. And this line from ‘Defying Gravity’– ”Too long I’ve been afraid of losing love,  I guess I’ve lost,  if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost, i’ld sooner buy defying gravity”.  And am also loving this new quote I saw on Funke’s blog which I’ll be posting on my Instagram (Following me?  Am @quirksandoutfits) 

Favorite Actor?

Chris Colfer. 

Favorite Colour? 

Black, baby. 

Loud or Soft Music?

Soft, so I’ll have something to cry to. 

Where do you go when you are sad? 

When am sad. I cry. Normally,  I go to my rooftop and listen to my ‘Crying Playlist’ and Cry. But now it’s either my bedroom or an incompleted building. 

How long does it take you to shower? 

Twenty-five minutes give or take. Odd, right? 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

I dunno, but I take longer than my mum. 

Ever Being in a physical fight? 


Turn On? 

You smart, sexy and talk nerdy to me?  I’ll propose ten minutes after meeting you.

Turn Off?

People that have ‘bleached’. And a badly taken selfie. 

Reason I joined YouTube? 

To watch all the funny videos, and keep up with my favorite vloggers. And I wanted to be a vlogger,  once upon a time. 


Having a potbelly.  Or waking up and seeing my Favorite WhatsApp Group has 800 messages and I have to read them all. 

Last Thing That Made You Cry? 

Now I see why it’s TMI. Thinking about some past sensitive issue. 

Last Time You Said ‘I Love You’?

Two days ago,  to a special somebody. 

Meaning Behind your YouTube Channel/ Blog Name? 

I wanted to be a style and lifestyle blogger. My life is weird ‘Quirks’ and ‘Outfits’ for the clothes. Though, am officially becoming a lifestyle blogger and I need a new blog name. 

Last Book You Read? 

Essential Literature Textbook.

The  Book You are Currently Reading?

Alotta wattpad books. 

Last Show You Watched? 

America’s Next Top Model

Last Person You Talked to?

My Mum

The relationship between the person you last texted

My not-so-secret crush. 

Favorite Food? 

Meatrolls. Egusi and Eba. Rice. And spaghetti.

Place You Want to Visit? 

A lot. I actually wanna tour the world. But top of my head, New Orleans,  New York, Paris, and Lagos( I’ve been here several time but now I wanna tour it?)

Last Place You Were? 

My living room, from the kitchen.

Do You Have a Crush? 


Last Time You Kissed Someone?

Far too long ago.

Last Time You Were Insulted?

A couple days ago. (Why are good things so hard to come by and the bad ones are like MTN- everywhere you go?  MTN sef no be everywhere you go)

Favorite Flavor of Sweet? 

Ain’t got one, oddly. 

What Instrument You Play? 

My hands. Other than that, sadly None. 

Favorite Piece of Jewellery?

My watch, handchain,  and occasionally earrings.

Last Sport You Played? 

I don’t even play video games.

Last Song You Sang? 

Don’t Rain On My Parade by Glee. 

Favorite  Chat Up Line? 

You can’t  hide I will find you and I will kill you and they’ll never find your body. Odd? 

Have You Ever Used It? 

Several Times. 

Last Time You Hung Out With Someone? 

Despite what people think I hang out alot, just with my mum and my sister.

 Who Should Answer These Questions?

Everyone with a Vlog or the one with a B. But I personally wanna see Praise Abu, Cassie Daves, Collins Badewa, Berry Dakara,  Ijenna Osuji, Adagirl, Oreofoluwa, Pribodunke and Laitan answers. 

So yeah. That’s it. 


19 Replies to “TMI Tag”

    1. Lol….i really wanna do a post on my age and the problems I had caused me… Trust me I really sometimes doubt, but I am 17…27th September 1999…is my calculation correct? Lol, I will chant TMI till you do it ooo….TMI!! TMI!!! TMI!!!! TMI!!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, in fact I’m smiling typing this comment. You cracked me up with your answer to the quality you look for in a partner and you turn off. Nice one. And yeah we have a couple things in common


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